48 PROOF MADE IN FLORIDA! Cinnamon Wicket is a Bold blend of the purest fiery Cinnamon aroma and Whiskey flavors almost like a combination of Atomic Fireballs and Hot Tamales.

Premium Blend definitely spent some serious time to make this one right. The flavor is mercifully brief, with a long, relatively spicy aftertaste with a hint of fruity Jell-O in the finish.

Cinnamon Wicket is your winning ticket. Enjoyed simply over ice or as a best-selling cocktail in our Coffee and Wine Bar in Downtown Naples, appropriately named, “Brain Suppressor”. Order here.

This fermented alcohol may taste smoother than distilled spirits.

We abide by the state and local laws and regulations, this liquor type wine beverage is in a 750ml sealed and unopened NON-GLASS container (48 PROOF – 750ml). Delivered with two sealed plastic cups with ICE.