48 PROOF MADE IN USA! Gran Ma’ Triple L’Orange is a French style, orange flavored cordial alternative. It is made from a blend of orange brandy wine and balances the flavors of bitter Caribbean orange with cognac notes of hazelnut and toffee before reaching a long, harmonious finish.

Enjoy Grand Ma on the rocks, or mix into your favorite cocktail to elevate it from good to Grand Ma style. Use Grand Ma for a sophisticated twist on a Margarita, Old Fashioned and a Sidecar, or a marinade for sweeter seafood, like shrimp and scallops served with saffron rice.

No matter what you decide to do with this golden liquid we assure you that “Grand Ma” is a must in every Grandma’s kitchen cabinet.

Enjoy Naples Beach sunset with Grand Ma in your hand and when you’re done come over to see us at Divine Naples Coffee and Wine in Downtown Naples. We will be waiting with a charcuterie board prepared especially for you.

This fermented alcohol may taste smoother than distilled spirits.

We abide by the state and local laws and regulations, this liquor type wine beverage is in a 750ml sealed and unopened NON-GLASS container (48 PROOF – 750ml). Delivered with two sealed plastic cups with ICE.