48 PROOF “на ваше здоровье товарищ” The clean taste of triple distilled Vodka has been harnessed to make Klir Red. You will enjoy the smoothness of a premium Vodka simply over ice or as an important part of your favorite vodka-based cocktails offered HERE.

DID YOU KNOW – Grappa and its French equivalent, marc, are made from the leftovers of the winemaking process, whereas Cîroc and the few other grape-based vodkas on the shelves are distilled from wine.

Our favorite cocktail “Karen Immunization” is taken daily by our whole staff at our Downtown Divine Naples Coffee and Wine Bar.

This fermented alcohol may taste smoother than distilled spirits.

We abide by the state and local laws and regulations, this liquor type wine beverage is in a 750ml sealed and unopened NON-GLASS container (48 PROOF – 750ml). Delivered with two sealed plastic cups with ICE.