48 PROOF Premium Blend has captured the true taste and smoothness of the finest Gins from England in Martin & Collins. Simply satisfying flavors come alive when Martin & Collins is shaken not stirred.

We are convinced that Martin & Collins could’ve easily became Hemingway’s favorite gin and the essential ingredient in James Bond’s Vesper cocktail in Casino Royale.

The perfect cocktail for a real man is found ONLY in our downtown Coffee and Wine Bar or HERE under the name “Two Blondes in a Glass.” Enjoy it on Naples beach or stop by and see us.

This fermented alcohol may taste smoother than distilled spirits.

We abide by the state and local laws and regulations, this liquor type wine beverage is in a 750ml sealed and unopened NON-GLASS container (48 PROOF – 750ml). Delivered with two sealed plastic cups with ICE.